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Y2K 2.0

Don’t let the title mislead you.  I don’t believe we will see twice the pain as we did from 2000-2002, but I do believe there are a lot of similarities between the two time periods.  Y2K Bug We had a bug and a brewing crisis where all hands were on deck to solve the problem.This…
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2020 Coronavirus Stock Market Decline


My Three Favorite Questions: Will this be a V-Shaped Recovery?  Has it ever happened before?  Are you busy talking clients off the ledge? The answer to all three questions is simply – “NO!”  (I guess you can quit reading now😊) Disclaimer: These are of course my own opinions and should not be taken as fact. …
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“To Be A Great Investor It Takes Brass Balls Not Crystal Balls” – Bill Spetrino

I heard this quote in a podcast that I subscribe to. This is so true figuratively speaking. The reason I say figuratively is because from my own experiences I would say women tend to be better long-term investors than men. If I were to generalize, women are more emotionally connected and therefore are better equipped…
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