Our Unique Approach

At South Platte Investments, we spend a majority of our time studying the markets and individual investments to actively manage portfolios for our clients.  In an industry where advisers are expected to spend most of their time prospecting and gathering assets, we choose to be different.  We are asset managers, not asset gatherers.  Furthermore, we pay for our fee-based client's trade cost so the fee structure is simple and easy to understand.

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Free Risk Analysis

Find out if your portfolio is right for you!  Contact us and we will ask you a few questions and review your portfolio for alignment.


 Our financial advisors are free to offer products from multiple sources--common and preferred stocks, bond and stock funds, municipal bonds, insurance and annuities, to name a few.  You will not be restricted to a certain family of funds or one insurance company, because neither are we.


At South Platte Investments & Planning, we tap into a number of sources for solid insights about companies, the market and the economy. We are associated with a research-driven firm that has been assisting investors for over 30 years.*

Transparent Solutions

Tell us about your situation, goals and expectations in order to help us recommend suitable strategies for your portfolio. Over time, we will suggest modifications and new opportunities, always explaining our rationale in detail, as economic conditions, technology breakthroughs and other factors warrant.

Investing for your future.

Investing can be a lot like fishing.  Hiring a guide to help you plan for your future may help you pursue greater rewards and reduce your stress.