5 Helpful Halloween Tricks to Navigating a Scary Stock Market

Investing can be a roller coaster—and, when the market starts dropping, it may even feel more like a haunted house. With recession fears mounting, what can investors do to stay the course and escape unscathed? Here we discuss five tricks to help you navigate a scary stock market. Anticipate and Avoid Surprises If it has…

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Retirement Planning Guide for Oil Industry Professionals

The crude oil and natural gas industry has faced significant challenges since the COVID pandemic, including supply disruptions, price volatility, and rapid inflation. However, heavy cash flow for oil and gas companies has led to a plethora of high-paying jobs for many professionals. Below, we discuss tips and tricks that can help oil and gas…

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Estate Planning and Asset Protection: Are They the Same?

You may sometimes hear the terms “estate planning” and “asset protection” used interchangeably. They actually have different meanings, and it’s important to incorporate both strategies into future financial plans. Below, we discuss key differences between estate planning and asset protection, as well as the optimal occasions when you should consider each wealth-preservation strategy. Estate Planning:…

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Little Known Tax Credits for Business Owners

tax credits

Nurturing a Community, Fostering Growth, and Making a Positive Impact As a small business owner, your employees are the heart and soul of your organization. Many entrepreneurs understand the importance of a diverse, inclusive workforce and the benefits it brings, not just to the business, but to the community at large. Your commitment to hiring…

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2020 Coronavirus Stock Market Decline

My Three Favorite Questions: Will this be a V-Shaped Recovery?  Has it ever happened before?  Are you busy talking clients off the ledge? The answer to all three questions is simply – “NO!”  (I guess you can quit reading now😊) Disclaimer: These are of course my own opinions and should not be taken as fact. …

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